Some of the things we're most looking for during our open submission period:

1) Happily Ever Afters:
Peasantry Press is looking to add a couple of feel-good pieces to round out our line-up. Whether the genre is science fiction, contemporary, sweet romance, inspirational, YA, or even re-imagined fairy-tale - if it's original, well-written, never-published, thoroughly polished, and ends with a HEA, we'd love to take a look. 

2) Original Black and White Graphic Novels by a single writer/illustrator.
We're not a comic book publisher, but we would be open to releasing a black and white graphic novel or a series of black and white graphic novels, if the right one found its way to us. Our guidelines:
  1. One writer/illustrator. (No teams).
  2. Book would be published in black and white at 6 x 9, with no bleed and .5" margins. Submissions must reflect this format.
  3. Artwork must be in black and white and be supplied as a PDF. At least 4 pages should be finished/polished and include lettering. The remainder may be supplied as sketches.
  4. Submission should also include a complete synopsis with script. This can be included as a .doc or PDF.
  5. Finished graphic novel must be a minimum of approximately 40 pages.
  6. Graphic novel content (artwork and writing) must fit within our "clean fiction" mandate. This means no profanity, overt sexuality, or gratuitous violence please.  

3) Canadian Writers!
While we accept submissions world-wide, we are particularly interested in seeing some more home grown talent. From Manitoba? Even better! 

So those are our top three wishes for now! Have something else to send our way? Our open submission period is this January! Questions? Email us and we'll do our best to get back to you! 

In the meantime, happy writing!


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